Holy places

Genre: Travel & Discovery

Format: 58×26′

Year: 2017

Versions:  English, French, Spanish

Nationality: Israel

Available rights: French and Spanish-speaking territories. possibilities of cherry-picking episodes.


In the age of questioning the origins of civilization, and the growth of religious devotion, HOLY PLACES shares with you the emotion that one can experience at the sight of monuments created by man, more than two thousand years ago. This series is the result of a desire to show the world the Christian Holy Places in Israel, cradle of the monotheistic civilizations. Whether in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth or Tiberias, Acre or Caesarea, we present Basilicas, Churches, Monasteries, as well as archaeological ruins and excavations, all linked to the life of Jesus. We have created videos that will take your breath away!

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