Genre: Drama

Format: 14′

Year: 2017

Director:  Rajesh Prasad Khatri

Cast:  Sharmila Khadka, Nanda Lal Khadka, Jhupri B.K

Versions: Nepali

Nationality: Nepal

Available rights: French-speaking territories


Jaalgedi takes her family’s animals, like any other day, to pastures outside her remote village. However, the arrival of a white tourist sends shockwaves among the children of the village who have never seen a foreigner in their lives before. Like all her friends, the inquisitive little girl gets distracted from her responsibilities for a while – following the strange white man around the village – only to find a catastrophe has befallen because of her innocent curiosities.


BUSAN IFF 2017 – Official selection – short film competition

BERLINALE 2018 – The Special Prize of the Generation Kplus International Jury for the Best Short Film