L’hypothèse de la reine rouge

20 minutes

20 years after Sherlock Holmes accidentally killed Arsene Lupin's wife, the two legends will meet again ...

2 juillet 2020
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Killing Time

01 hours 57 minutes

Robert H. Walton, an auditor of a US multinational, produces a report on a bank far ...

Spanish, English
20 mai 2015
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Io sono Gaetano

01 hours 32 minutes

Gaetano has just turned 60 and, in the family clan to which he belongs, hasn't managed ...

Italian, Spanish
14 décembre 2016
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01 hours 23 minutes

In Spain, bricks epitomize an economic triumph turned into a huge collapse. From factories that are ...

18 octobre 2017
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Everest Green

52 minutes

Everest Green is a documentary about the first ever expedition of decontamination of the Mount Everest ...

French / English
5 mai 2017
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Recording the world: Endangered music

45 minutes

The spread of Western culture weighs heavily on certain ancestral cultures. Many societies struggle to safeguard ...

1 octobre 2016
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