The documentary, through the portrait of the current leader Raul Castro, will have a look at the history of Cuba and its evolution.

It will focus on the “other Castro”, almost unknown from the public, and on the relationship between Raul and Fidel, the two brothers who ruled Cuba during half a century, like the two faces of a same coin.

The documentary will stress on the part that Raul played, during famous and less famous events of Cuba and its international relations, often staying in the shadow. It will also show the reforms and changes he made and the perpective he considers for the future of his country since succeeding his brother.

The documentary will be based on precise facts to be as objective a testimony as possible. It will build upon witnesses who have known and/or studied Raul Castro, and mainly through the eyes of two biographers, who have had a special relationship with the history of Cuba and with the power of the Castro brothers (cf. trailer).

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