Weird bugs

Genre: Teen series

Format: 12×45′

Original Channel:  TVN (Chile), TV Publica (Argentina)

Year: 2017

Versions:  Spanish

Nationality: Chile, Argentina

Available rights: Worldwide

With Mariana Loyola, Camila Mateos, Gerardo Chendo


Alicia is 16 year-old and everything in her life is changing. Her body, what she likes, and even her friends. After a whole life with the same mates in Buenos Aires, she moves to Valdivia. Her mother, who had put back her profession for years to raise her and her little sister, wins an awaited fund for scientific research in her hometown in Chile. The father leaves his work and they all start a new life to which getting used will not be easy. Alicia will realize that in a place where “no one knows her” she will have the chance to reinvent herself. With her new mates she will go through the fifteen- year-old rituals: rebellion against her parents, love, grief and disenchantment. This coming-of-age series intends to realistically portrait the hard path of getting to know oneself, floundering and making her way through life. A series that speaks about friendship, family and the transformations that give us the unique chance to change and grow up.