Ghosts of paradise

Genre: Mystery series

Format: 12×45′ or 6×90′ already produced, 4×45′ or 4×90′ in production

Original Channel:  Polynésie Premiere, France Ô

Year: 2016-Present

Versions:  French

Nationality: France

Original idea: Marie Eve Tefaatau

With: Vaitea Tauraa, Yves Edouard Malakai, Tuarii Tracqui

Available rights: Worldwide, ready-made & format


When her mother dies, Nina inherits a chest filled with property titles and a treasure map. Intrigued, she starts researching her family and learns that her great great grandfather might have buried a real fortune on his land. Nina then decides to find the money with Buzz, her boyfriend. But Charly, Buzz’s cousin, warns them against the ghosts that haunt the family plantation…

Already 2 succesful seasons, and the third one in production.  The favorite TV series from Tahiti is coming back next year.