Adrián and Mónica Marcenac’s son was killed in June 2006 by a serial shooter in a centric neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. After this tragedy, they started to promote a campaign against the use of arms by civilians, confronting arm manufacturers, the judiciary and the Argentine State. Together with the Argentine Network for Disarmament, they managed to get the National Voluntary Arm Surrender Plan approved, which made it possible for 300,000 arms to be destroyed. They also fought another big battle against arm manufacturers, who financially controlled the National Arm Registry, RENAR. They achieved their goals after a ten-year fight. Adrián and Mónica also confronted the judiciary, because their son’s murderer was declared immune from prosecution by the court.

Disarmament is the story of two regular persons who, after facing a great loss, decide to start a ten-year fight against arm manufacturers and the Argentine State.

It was broadcasted in September 2016 in 20 Latin American public TV channels.

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