Gaetano has just turned 60 and, in the family clan to which he belongs, hasn’t managed to make it any further than the boss’s driver. He dreams of leaving the mafia, of retiring to the countryside, but it’s not that easy to get away from the mafia. His wife, the boss’s sister, doesn’t think much of Gaetano’s dreams.

When Gaetano drives his boss from Calabria to the Tessin in order to put pressure on Müller, a Swiss public prosecutor who is investigating the clan and has frozen their bank accounts, an exchange of shots takes place. The boss dies and Gaetano flees. Before doing so, he learns from the prosecutor, who is left behind wounded, that a witness protection programme is available for people like him. Müller asks him to drive to Montisio to warn a woman named Paola Bianchini, who is living there.

Thus begins Geatano’s odyssey in search of his yearned-for freedom.

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