Shadowgram is a movie about the memory of the African Americans living in the USA. 50 years after the abolition of the ignominious Jim Crow’s Laws, what has changed? Did something really change? Who does remember how it was? Which is nowadays evolution of the African American community? Their hopes, their dreams, their will? Starting from investigations made in Chicago’s South side, still one of the hardest US’ region for African Americans, Shadowgram will try to answer to those questions and to discover hopes, opportunities and chances in today’s America.

The film features a cross-section of people -a psychiatrist, an administrator, a teacher and a hip hop artist to name a few-, who reminisce about their childhoods, reflects on the hopes of generations gone by and their influence on current daily life.

In uncovering the changes in their lives upon their arrival in Chicago, for the older generations, or what it meant to be born out of the reach of Jim Crow laws, or even after the Civil Rights Act for the younger generation.


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