What choices must be made to preserve the planet ? Is choosing an electric car dangerous and selfish or a proper solution ? This 90min documentary reveals a citizen’s quest searching for truth and coherence.

Marc Muller was one of the firsts to travel around the world with electric and solar vehicles, 10 years ago. He assumed electric cars would save the planet. In 2019, considering the voices raised against EVs in the media, he wonders if it would not be preferable to choose an ICE car instead. To put his mind to rest, he decides to start investigating. As media, books, car companies support the idea that electric mobility is the future environmental disaster, where lies the truth? No one seems to be able to give him proper answers. From the Chilean lithium mines to the battery recycling workshops, he meets up with Scientists, travels to Congo searching for cobalt, his invesigation gives him surprising results. When Marc discovers that there are more rare earths in an ICE catalyst than in an electric car sold in 2018, he realizes how big the disinformation problem is. Feeling betrayed, Marc will finally confront those he believed until then. A fascinating and revealing story.