The book « Fragments. Aus einer Kindheit 1939-1948 » (Fragments. From a Childhood 1939-1948) made waves internationally – both when it appeared and when it later turned out that the alleged autobiography was fabricated. In his work, published in 1995, the professional musician Bruno Wilkomirski described his early childhood in a concentration camp. He received awards and was widely sought after as a contemporary witness and expert. After it became known four years later that « Fragments » was a kind of life legend, that Bruno had spent his entire childhood in Switzerland, he initially insisted on the accuracy of his memories. Then he withdrew and did not express himself publicly – until now.

Director Rolando Colla has succeeded, through empathy, patience and impartiality, in winning the trust of Bruno Wilkomirski, who in « W. – What Remains of the Lie » admits for the first time that the book « Fragments » is not an autobiography. Colla’s film explores the questions of what environment and personal background led Wilkomirski to write this book the way he did, and to what degree there is something universally human in this deception. An emotionally powerful, smart and inspiring documentary gem with illustrations by comic artist Thomas Ott.

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